HideMyBell Behälter

HideMyBell Behälter


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Whoops, you crashed or with transportation for example your HideMyBell had -not for normal use- an impact and damaged.
For using the trigger please be noticed like we explained in the manual: use low force and release as quick as possible the trigger. How quicker, the better sound. High force is not working for a better sound, this will only damage the functionality after a period.

To recover your bike bell solution we add this spare parts. Not only good for the environment, you also save money. In a minute you can exchange the bell and the computer adapter.

Enjoy the ride and save ridings again!


HideMyBell regular bracket:

  • included stainless steel M3 x 16 mm

HideMyBell mini bracket:

  • included stainless steel M4 x 16 mm

HideMyBell fi-mount bracket included

  • stainless steel M5 x 16 mm (3X)
  • stainless steel M4 x 16 mm (2X)

HideMyBell insider bracket included

  • stainless steel M4 x 10 mm

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